Ancient Greece 's Influence On The Modern World

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Athens was one of the most prestigious cities in the ancient civilization. Their acropolis and how they held themselves to a higher standards than other cities in ancient Greece is what makes Greece look like how it is popularly known as today.i So what was ancient Athens like for one to live their? First of all, let’s cover what entertainment was like in ancient Athens. Theater’s were the primary source of entertainment. “The ancient Greek theaters developed through the ceremonial worship of the then God Dionysus and were always communal in nature” (arts and).ii Tragedies were the most popular play styles that the theater put out, mostly because of the adventure that it brought to the people viewing the play. However comedies and satyrs were also commonly produced. Theater was not an everyday thing though. Play’s were normally done on festival’s or holidays.iii Ancient theaters in Athens were set up a lot like how today’s modern theaters are set up. They included an orchestra, a main floor that the actor’s presented themselves on and the theatron which was the building that the play’s were held on.iv However the spectator’s were not inside a building like today’s are, they viewed from the outside. The building that the actors were sometimes under was just covering themselves. However it is thought that the stage was often rebuilt for different plays. This is because the remains of ancient Greek theaters are hard to come by because they were not made to last due to
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