Ancient Greece's Influence On The Modern World

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The ancient Greeks are known for being one of the most advanced civilizations of their time. They invented cartography and alarm clocks, they started the olympics and the first practice of medicine, but one of their greatest contributions to the world is their literature. Long before the ancient greeks had an alphabet they had oral literature called folklore and epics. People called storytellers would travel traveled around and tellold people folklore and epics, but the only problem with this was every time they told a story, it was different. Although the stories were always different, they always used a few descriptive quotes fromthat was in the story, and they put them in whernever it made sense. Around 700 B.C. the Greeks developed their…show more content…
In Athens around 600-500 B.C. is when the first theater occurred, butand no one actually knows how it started., but Ssome people think it came from ceremonies that worshipped the fertility god, Dionysus. Theater started to become popular in ancient Greece when the city Dionysia held a festival featuring a contest for performers. Thespis was the first winner of the contest and he revolutionized theater in ancient Greece. He added a chorus, which increased dramatic effect; he found a way for to depict multiple characters at once; and he invented the idea of impersonating. After Thespis, other people continued his work and theater grew tremendously in Ancient Greece (Nardo, Don). It grew from little rectangular theaters to theaters that could hold up to 15,000 people. The ancient Greeks had to be creative with their technology because they obviously didn’t have microphones, so they arranged their theaters very carefully in a wayso that everyone could hear what the actors were saying. The Greeks also invented a crane called the mechane. They used the mechane to bring characters portraying gods and deities on to the stage, and the crane made it look like they were flying. Theatres in ancient Greece served as a place of entertainment and education for the Greeks, much like it is today in our world
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