Ancient Greece's Obsession with Beauty Essay

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Ancient Greece was one of the most important civilizations in the history of mankind. Ancient Greece spanned thousands of years, beginning in 1100 BC and ending with the end of the Hellenistic period in 146 BC. Ancient Greece made many contributions to the modern world, such as language, politics, philosophy, science, art, architecture, beauty, and much more. Beauty now a days is in most cases considered as how pretty something looks on the outside. Most people these days look at outer beauty rather than inner beauty. Beauty in ancient Greece is different than beauty now in many different ways. In ancient Greece, beauty can be defined in many things. Beauty in family, art, architecture, sculpture, and literature shows all the …show more content…
Men would get married around the age of twenty five to thirty. They were very important in ancient Greece society. In the families the men’s role was very important. The man was in charge of the family. Most men worked during the day as businessmen or farmers. When men are at the house they were to be treated with respect. During dinner men might have sat in another room while being entertained by slaves or women. Men also controlled the government. Children had different roles depending on the gender weather it was a boy or a girl. Most girls were taught to clean, cook, and weave which were the basic house chores. They were also taught songs and dances so they could participate in religious festivals. Overall the girls did not have much importance in ancient Greece. All they mostly did as they grew up is how to become a mom and how to become in charge of a house. On the other hand boys were much more important than the girls in ancient Greece. At the age of six they were usually sent for school. At school they learned many different things. They learned how to read, write, and enjoy poetry and music. They were usually involved in wrestling, running, and many other gymnastics. They usually began to train for their future jobs at the age of 16. Many boys that wanted to join the army started training at the age of 7 and finally joined the army at the age of 20. Other jobs that many choose were to be a businessman, an Olympic athlete, politician, or to go into
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