Ancient Greek And Ancient Roman Cities

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There are many similarities between Ancient Greek and Ancient Roman cities, mainly because Roman cities were highly influenced by the Greek. Roman culture reflects the Greek’s culture, their mythologies are closely related and so are the characteristics of the architecture. From one grew the forms of the other and the result created were two beautiful cities with massive amounts of history. This paper will go over the three main areas in which Greeks influenced the Romans the most. The first being, the cities and their layout, the second is, architectural characteristics and lastly is the influence of religion and religious manners. The layout of a typical Greek city was built on a hill, called an "acropolis". Here the city 's chief temple, the city 's treasury, and some other public buildings were located along with the city’s center called the “Agora”. It was essentially the public meeting place or area where vendors and sellers would set up theirs stands and sell. Greek cities were surrounded by high walls and as time progressed the walls were made stronger with stone and brick. Outside these walls were public spaces like large gymnasiums, public baths and open theatres, these public spaces provided some shade for activities such as music, discussions and more. Similar to the Greek, Roman cities were built around a forum then surrounded by walls, usually made of stone and later concrete. The forum was an open space surrounded by public buildings, it functioned
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