Ancient Greek And Modern Western Civilization

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The Greek Classical Period is a time in Greek history that lasted for 200 years and was followed by the Hellenistic Period. It is considered to be a foundational culture of modern Western civilization due its heavy influence on language, politics, educational systems, philosophy, science, art, and architecture. Many English words come from the Ancient Greek language. For this reason, Ancient Greek is considered one of the most important languages for today’s English speakers. There are even schools in Europe that offer Ancient Greek as an optional subject. Some individuals, mainly of Greek ethnicity, who show a great appreciation of this ancient language are able to partly or even wholly understand texts in its non-archaic forms. Scientific terminology, especially scientific names of species, use Latinized forms of Ancient Greek. Cleisthenes, an ancient ruler of Athens, introduced demokratia in 507 B.C. Demokratia means “rule by the people”, and it was a system of political reforms known as a direct democracy. Unlike modern representative government, citizens who wish to have a say in government are allowed to participate in it. However, demokratia did not include women, foreigners, and slaves. It also barred between 80 and 90 percent of Greece’s population from political rights. This Athenian democracy only lasted two centuries, although it does serve as a major contribution to the modern world. Democratic and progresses from this time period have influenced politicians…
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