Ancient Greek Art And Its Impact On Ancient Greece

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Ancient Greek art has been one of the most influential art forms in the past centuries. The Keros sculptures predominantly stand out while referring to the ancient Greek scluptures and art. The Keros sculptures were carved purely out of marble and were a form of Cycladic art that was created in a small island called Cyclades in 2600-2400 B.C. The Cycladic Islands of Greece are set in the Aegean Sea. The ancient Greeks called these islands the kyklades, a scattered kyklos, or circle, of islands around the holy island and sanctuary of Apollo, Delos. The very first Keros sculpture was founded in the year 1963 by Lord Renfrew. The only unfortunate event that occurred during excavation was that almost none of these Keros sculptures were found in their complete form. Only fragments of these sculptures remained. It has been noticed, that all through history, the Keros scultpures have been incrediblly difficult to analyze and interpret due to lack of background information and it’s obvious missing parts. An abudance of myths surround these sculptures since Ancient Greece is also known for its devotion to Greek mythology. The significance, use, and meaning of the figures are unclear. There is even debate about whether the figures were meant to lie flat or to stand against a wall--there is no definitive evidence either way. Numerous explanations about the significance of the figurines have been proposed: the figurines may have been apotropaic (i.e., to ward off evil) or served as
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