Ancient Greek Column Designs

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If imitation has effected the design of the Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian columns, how is this change seen? What relationships can be seen between the human body and the Ancient Greek columns?
This essay will initially look at the period prior to 620 BC to see if there is any evidence to suggest that the ancient Greeks may have imitated another civilizations designs to create the three architectural orders that Vitruvius wrote about in his Ten Books of Architecture. The next part of this essay will look at each of the three columns to discuss their virtues in relation to proportionality, structure and visual imitation.
The oldest of the ancient Greek classical orders is the Doric order. The creation of the Doric order has been traced back to the ancient Greek Dorian tribe. It has been written by Anderson that after the Dorian tribe took control of the Peloponnesos area of Greece in 1100 BC they then expanded into every part of Greece kingdom including Crete. This would have given the Dorian’s access to the ruins of the Knossos Palace from the Minoan civilization.
One of the most notable contributions of Minoans was their unique column design. This column was different to the Greek columns as it was wider at the bottom than the top. It was suggested by Adams that the columns of Knossos were installed in this direction to ensure the trees didn’t take root.…
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