Ancient Greek Culture And Its Impact On Modern Society

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The ancient Greeks, or also called the Hellenes, had a more westernized culture compared to other surrounding cultures in their time. Much of ancient Greek culture has influenced our culture today in America. They have influenced modern society through their religion, architecture, theatre, literature, society, language and sports. An important aspect of ancient Greece culture was their religion. The ancient Greeks created Greek Mythology to help convey natural occurrences and changes of nature because they were not advanced enough to explain why these things happened.1 They created many narratives and myths based on this religion and their gods. Today we see and use many aspects of their religion in modern culture. Many names for our planets and constellations come from Greek mythology names. Some cities in the United States use the names of Greek gods and goddesses. The zodiac signs used in horoscopes today are based on their mythology.
Ancient Greece architecture, well known for their different types of columns, the Doric order, the Ionic order, and the Corinthian order.2 The Doric columns appeared stout, they had smooth and round capitals, and a square abacus that connected the capitals to the entablature. The Ionic columns had a small base and a double curve at the top of the stone column.3 The Corinthian columns are the most ornate out of the three types of columns. This column weighed more than the others and was not used as often by the Greeks. These columns helped

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