Ancient Greek Culture: The Old Temple In Athens, Greece

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Cultures have been able to be identified according to certain characteristics. Different cultures develop different types of architecture that helps to explain a bit about the culture. Ancient Greek architecture is one of the most unique of its kind. The Temple of Athena, also known as the “Old Temple”, was a Greek temple located in Athens, Greece. The temple was built because the goddess Athena was worshiped highly for her victory in war and wisdom. Those who worshiped her, did so in hope of success in the Peloponnesian War fought against the Spartans. The “Old Temple” got its name for having to have been rebuilt several times, after being destroyed. The temple served many purposes and is of great importance to Athens. The temple is of great…show more content…
The frieze is the wide part of a structure that can be plain in the Ionic order. Friezes were highly customary in Attica. There were originally four friezes that ran along the sides of the building, unfortunately only one has survived. The one that survived is the one that runs along the east side of the frieze. The surviving frieze depicts Athena and Zeus along with all the gods surrounding them. The temple had a parapet surrounding it, which acted as a barrier in order to prevent people from falling off the bastion. Along the parapet many reliefs were carved, in which Athena was displayed completing various activities. One of the most famous one is the one in which Athena Nike is seen adjusting her sandal. Other notable friezes are one in which the battles against the Persians are portrayed. A notable battle portrayed is that of the 5th century BCE, the Battle of…show more content…
The purpose of the temples built were to “house” the individual gods or goddess. People believed that gods and goddess had complete control over the forces of nature. It was in their best interest to keep such gods happy in order for the people to live a happy life. Each temple housed a statue in the center of the temple. The statue in the center was who the temple was dedicated to. The temples were always filled with those placing offerings for the gods. The offerings consisted of food and drinks, along with any specific item(s) associated with the god in the temple. There was a person appointed to stay in the temple at all times in order to provide the god(s) with whatever was
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