Ancient Greek God Museum Exhibit Essay

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Ancient Greek God Museum Exhibit The museum curator is an important title; they pick and choose 5% of the total art being viewed by the public. The curator must be wise, include art pieces that flow with the theme of the exhibit, as well as educates the visitor. Curating this exhibit, I have chosen three works of ancient Greek art that will inform visitors about three of the most well-known Greek gods. A slab from the Parthenon frieze of Zeus and Hera, a Kylix of Hades and Persephone, and the Triumph of Poseidon with his wife Amphitrite. This exhibit would work very well during Valentine’s day because the exhibit focuses on the three sons of Cronus and conjointly analyzes the love that each god has for their significant other, which is at times unusual for these Gods.

Hades, the oldest son of the titan Cronus and most frequently with Satan from the Christian religion was the rightful heir of Mount Olympus. Unfortunately for him, his unlucky drawing of lots with his brothers Poseidon, and Zeus bound him to the underworld, also known as Hades. For the exhibit, the museum has chosen a wonderful ancient Greek kylix which depicts the daughter of Zeus and the goddess of harvest/ queen of the underworld Persephone, and the king of the underworld Hades. The kylix depicts Hades and Persephone eating and enjoying themselves on their long couch with their legs partly showing. Hades is carrying a large keras in his left hand while holding up a phiale in his right, he reclines to

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