Ancient Greek History And The History Of Ancient Greece

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Ancient Greece

The ancient Greeks were unique and had a one of a kind culture which would heavily influence the Western world. Their literature would bring forth works that intertwined religious, philosophical, mythological, and political attributes all in one. From the Bronze Age to the Dark Age, the ancient Greeks would be innovators for practices we have become accustomed to, such as philosophy, democracy, literature and theatricals. During this time, most that had been illuminated had been lost in the Dark Ages, yet thanks to Homer, a Greek writer, some of Greeks’ lost age was recorded and survived centuries to come. (Damrosch 186) Little is known about the beginning of Greek civilization; however, Ancient Greece can be traced back to earlier cultures of the Minoans and Myceneans. (Betts) The Minoans thrived on the island of Crete around 2000 BC. They developed a writing system called Linear A, which the Myceneans would later adapt to develop the Linear B writing system. (Mark) According to geological evidence, it is thought that the Minoan civilization fell due to overuse of land, yet conventionally, history acknowledges that the Myceneans conquered the Minoans. (Mark) The Myceneans prospered as well and were greatly influenced by the Minoan civilization, especially establishing the same religious rites and what would later be known as the pantheon of Ancient Greece. Although archeological evidence isn’t clear as to what wiped out and destroyed the Mycenean
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