Ancient Greek Instruments And Modern Day Instruments

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Ancient Greek instruments had similar uses as modern day instruments, but there are some very obvious differences. Ancient Greek instruments were used in more solo fashion, usually accompanying a singer, chorus, or poet, whereas modern day instruments are typically used in ensemble situations. There is more variety of instruments in modern day than in Ancient Greece due to modern day advancements and production methods. Modern people are able to buy instruments from many different markets and these instruments are mass produced on assembly lines or by specialists, therefore the availability of instruments is higher in modern day than in Ancient times, where everything was handmade and took longer. This is also due to the globalization of modern day economies, where an individual can have access to basically any kind of instrument they desire, whereas in ancient Greece where contact with other cultures was not as pronounced as it is today, there were not as many instruments available to their use, only ones of their own design or of nearby cultures. Ancient Greek instruments were not as complex as modern instruments are designed. Typical instruments were created by adding holes that would be covered by the player’s fingers, or they were created as string instruments where one would simply pluck at the string to produce a noise. There were some advancements of Greek instruments over time, such as with the aulos. In modern times, though, because instruments have been able to
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