Ancient Greek Medicine Research Paper

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Did you ever wonder as I have where and how doctors know what they know? Have you asked yourself where medicine all started? Never thought about it much since being out of high school. In modern times we have science based medicine. But this is the current mode of treating illnesses. In many ways ancient medicine and techniques have been used ever since the ancient times. There are many religions that brought forth the same procedures and would attribute illnesses to witchcraft, demons, celestial influence, or the will of the gods. The history has been traced by particular treatments in Ladakh, India which has a Tibetan Buddhist culture and religion and the Greek religious god Asclepius who was the Divine Healer or miracle working physician;…show more content…
Greek mythology and Asclepius was a minor deity and offspring of a mortal, who became the physician to the soldiers wounded on the battlefields at Troy, even though researchers look at Hippocrates to be the founder of medicine as a science. The Greeks had Seven Natural Factors to recognize the human system and believed for the best health, all of the following had to be in line with the other to have the best health.
Four Elements-components of the
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Saving the life of someone who is ill was the perfection of the Buddhist religion. After the Muslim invasions of India around the first period of time, Buddhism along with its medical systems, much of which disappeared from India and it was the lands to which Buddhism had spread which preserved much of its tradition, teachings and methods. As it became ingrained, Buddhism and its joint cultural arts and teachings defined a powerful social force in the lands to which it spread and was accountable for the building of hospitals, for both people and animals, as well as providing local health services for the native populations. Today we have alternative medicine which was developed thousands of years ago and have a long-standing historical value of effectiveness, advantages, and some drawbacks. Diagnosis was the first approach to any illness. Alternative medicine looks at the factors of equilibrium and the environment in which one lives and the disease is considered an imbalance between the two; cleansing the whole body than on a particular problem to get the balance back in sync. Very much the description of the Buddhist and the Greek cultures of medicine and healing the
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