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“Polis is a term that is used to describe a tight knit small community of Ancient Greek citizens who agreed on certain rules and customs. Usually a polis was centered on a small town and the countryside the surrounded it” (Deering). The polis defined a public and communal space, the Agora, for the purpose of leading public affairs. The affairs of men and affairs were included as these had essentials parts to the entire community’s affairs. The Ancient Greek poleis are among the first recorded democratic governments in the world. The term polis has been translated into city-state as there was typically only one city and because an individual polis was independent from other poleis in terms of political, judicial, legal, religious and social…show more content…
About half of these were citizens and their families with at least 100,000 slaves and the remaining being foreigners who needed to be registered with a citizen sponsor. The polis was made up of several different classes of people, just like many societies of that time as well as the present. There were several drawbacks such as women, slaves, and immigrants not being able to participate in politics. Those involved in the polis were expected to participate in such meetings that dealt with the oversight of the city and its dealings with issues. The Athenian democracy depended on every capable citizen fulfilling his role within the polis. The involvement of all male citizens and the expectation that they should participate actively in the running of the polis is clear in this quote from Thucydides: "We alone consider a citizen who does not partake in politics not only one who minds his own business but useless". Ancient Greece is credited with the identification of democracy because of the large scale in which they produced their governing ways. “As early as 900 B.C., Greece again expanded contacts with civilizations to the east, and Greek civilization became more complex. The rise of empires, most notably the Athenian Empire, brought a more sophisticated economy, trade, colonization, and war” (Curtis). The importance of the polis within Athens became prevalent through the sophisticated economy produced from the formation. Athens was the most developed of the Greek polis
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