Ancient Greek Philosophers Who Have Helped Shape The World

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Ancient Greek philosophers who have helped shape the world back then may not be here with us today, but they are still very much alive in the teachings we are being taught today and living through day by day. Around twenty centuries ago, Greek philosopher Aristotle laid out the foundations of Western culture. The principles of Greek philosophy implemented its way into encompassing a persons point of view or their knowledge on society. Aristotle has helped improve and transmuted the world by his views on ethics and virtues he has instructed and justified thoroughly and the endowment of philosophy and science, whereas he created a comprehensive system of subjects.
Aristotle has laid out virtues, which is the important nature of our
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Despite that, most find their happiness in how wealthy they are. “Money buys you happiness”, which others take literal and therefore claim money are their true idea of happiness. Happiness is more formulated by the way one’s mindset is subjected and the way they have a perspective of things. However, according to Aristotle, this is not how happiness should be defined as and how an individual should live happiness by. Happiness is more of an aspiration that borders the completeness of one 's life. It should not be something that can be lost and gone in any second, but rather it should be something that measures the ultimate value of your life and how well you have lived your full prospective solitary. "He is happy who lives in accordance with complete virtue and is sufficiently equipped with external goods, not for some chance period but throughout a complete life," (Nicomachean ethics, 1101a10). In order to live a life of good virtue and pure bliss, we would need to make better and more important choices. Most people tend to find a quick fix, like drugs, to a problem they may encounter, and that is one of the worries of today 's society. In reality, this does not help you achieve happiness but instead leaves you needing and wanting more, in which it will leave an individual wretched and feeling miserable.
Aristotle altered the

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