Ancient Greek Religion And Ancient Greece

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Towering mountains. Bright blue seas. Glittering white temples dedicated to the gods. Though Ancient Greece was made up of many different regions and colonies, these 3 things were almost always in view. The ancient Greeks worshiped many different gods and goddesses that each controlled something in the mortal world. What was different about their gods and goddesses was that they were very human like. They looked like mortals, had thoughts like mortals, and they even quarreled with each other like we do. Ancient Greek religion is also known as Greek Mythology, Classical Religion, and Classical Mythology. Though whatever people call it, decisions made in Ancient Greece were heavily influenced by their religion.
The theology of this religion was polytheistic, with the assumption that there were many different gods and goddesses. This is unlike many other religions, such as Christianity or Islam, which are monotheistic. There was an order of the deities, with Zeus having a certain level of control over almost everything, but he was not omnipotent. Though they were immortal, the gods were nowhere near all-good nor all-powerful. Everyone, even the Olympians, had to obey Fate. Unalike Egyptian Mythology, the gods looked and acted like humans. They interacted with mortals, and had many children with them.
It is said that in the beginning, there was Chaos, the silent and dark abyss. Out of Chaos, all things came into existence. According to the Theogony of Hesiod, Chaos created the
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