Ancient Greek Rituals And War

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Ancient Greek Rituals and War
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Ares and Athena, the god and goddess of war, were influential religious figures for the Ancient Greek military. They were especially important during rituals and ceremonies prior to soldiers going to war. They are important in the warriors or soldiers lives’ because of what role they play in battle and in rituals. Athena and Ares weren’t as important to the soldiers as you would think, but in some places of battle they were very significant.
Ancient Greek Military
War and Rituals The soldiers that participated in the Greek military were always nervous before they went into battle, but there weren’t many rituals to the god and goddess of war. You would think that they would be bombarded with all these prayers and wishes, but the men didn’t pray to them as much as would have thought. On the other hand there were of course some rituals performed by newcomers or new additions to the military. These men performed raging rituals to help them in battle.

Only men were allowed to be apart of the Greek military because the women and girls didn’t have the ability to handle the certain training and the battle. So because of this the women and girls stayed home and prayed very strongly to Athena and Ares to keep their men safe and healthy during battle. The women also prayed for them to return home in good condition and if not in good condition then at least they would come home.

The men wanted to be victorious and

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