Ancient Greeks And The Ancient Romans

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The Romans had one of the most innovative and influential ancient civilizations. Although arguments can be made for the Ancient Greeks and the Ancient Egyptians, it can be seen that the modern world had adopted many of the values and ideas of the Ancient Romans. The achievements, ideas, and values of the Ancient Romans have had a lasting impact on the modern world. The majority of people don’t know that many of the things they take for granted came from Ancient Rome.


One of the things the Romans had multiple achievements in that have left a lasting impact on the world is there innovation of architecture. A major, lasting example of Roman architecture is the Roman Colosseum. The Colosseum was used for all kinds of things in ancient Rome including battle re-enactments, dramas, executions, and most famous of all, it is the place where the gladiators fought. The unique design of the Colosseum was not like other structures built at this time. A major difference it had from any theater or other event for public viewing was the audience was seated all around the event. The idea of seating the audience all around the event with the event at the bottom in the center became the basis for the modern sports stadium. All stadiums of the modern era are based on the same concept of the Colosseum; so the Colosseum was essentially the first stadium. Another architectural achievement that left a lasting impact on the world today is the Roman Arch. The arch is seen in many
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