Ancient Greeks Vs. Ancient Greece

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Over the period of time in which Ancient Greek cities-states dominated the world-stage, they discovered and tried out various types of government structures. Not only did the Ancient Greeks tested these various types of governments, but they also left a legacy that would carry on into modern times. Today, one can find these types of governments, albeit with some possible alterations, somewhere in the world. Ancient Greeks had the opportunity to build these government structures as a result of their cultural evolutions, economic needs, and traditional and historical backgrounds. For example, the Spartan 's society functioned under an oligarchy. This was the case because both their economic agendas and their historical foundations. From the economic perspective, Spartan 's economy was primarily supported by the "fees” paid by peoples they had conquered and were under Spartan control. From the historical perspective, Spartans were descendants of the Dorians, which were another group of conquerors and the Spartans continued their historical path. Each type of government was unique and it reflected the various elements that made up, and contributed to the life of, each city-state across Ancient Greeks.

In Ancient Greek city-states a monarchy would be a type of government in which only one person would control the affairs of the city. Usually, monarchies became also traditional centers of power in which the son of a monarch (usually a prince) stands in line to inherit the…
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