Ancient History Minoans Everyday Life

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Greece: The Bronze Age – Society in Minoan Crete
Everyday Life (1)
By Emily Gold
Entertainment and leisure activities:

Acrobatics was used in most leisure activities that the Minoan people used to keep themselves entertained, as running and leaping supplied to success in warfare ad hunting.
Bull-leaping was the most famed and controversial of all Minoan sports, this sport consists of an athlete who would sprint head-long at a charging bull, grab the bulls horns and jump onto its back, then the athlete would descend of the animal from its behind. Many scholars argue whether bull-leaping was a true sport in the Minoan Society as some believe it would have been extremely dangerous to have participated in this sport, yet other scholars state
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Honey was and is still the most famous in Crete as it was the only sweetener.
The food in the Minoan Society shows that the people in Minoan Crete relied on their farming and crops for most of their resources in food. Also that they had a extreme range of foods in their diet, which shows that this society was quite prosperous.
Evidence of food in the Ancient Greek era were the Large Pithoi from a storage room in Knossos, these large containers or pots were used to store food.

The Minoans wore artistically designed and competently made clothing, they wore an assortment of complex clothing, the garments were sewn together much like the way modern clothes are prepared. The Minoans sewed skirts and blouses that were shaped to the body of the wearer. Minoan Crete had a hot climate, so layers of clothes were not needed. The men wore only loincloths, this was small pieces of fabric wrapped around the waist to cover the genitals which were made from a wide range of materials, such as, leather, wool, linen and decorated with bright colours and patterns. Many people had long aprons in the front and back with tassels or fringes and the Minoans also had a decorative pagne or sheath that covered and protected the penis. Early Minoan men usually did not wear any garment that covered their chest, yet in later years of the Minoan civilization men frequently wore plain
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