Ancient History: Neanderthals to Homosapiens

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Neanderthal the most recent archaic human, who was introduced to this world between 300,00 and 100,000 years ago then after many years were replaced by humans between 35,000 and 24,000 years ago. Neanderthals inhabited Eurasia from the Atlantic regions of Europe eastward to Central Asia and from as far north as present-day Belgium southward to the Mediterranean and southwest Asia.” ( Human populations that were very similar to Neanderthals lived in eastern Asia and Africa. Neanderthals lived in these locations because they had many limestone caves where they lived; limestone caves also preserve bones very well. “The name Neanderthal (or Neandertal) derives from the Neander Valley near
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Professor Holliday also found out a new fact about the Neanderthal skeleton that it was much stronger on the right side than on the left; also the right forearm was much more powerful which allowed the Neanderthal a very strong grip. Professor Steve Churchill, from Duke University, carried out another experiment. The results of this and Holliday's work suggest Neanderthal was an ambush hunter; waiting in a forest for his prey to stray close, and then attacking with a thrusting spear. Neanderthal was possibly the most carnivorous form of human ever to have lived. ( Research of the skull shows that the Neanderthal skull is 20% larger than the average size of a modern human’s brain, and it also showed that the areas of the brain where complex thoughts are suppose to occur were just as advanced as ours. The vocal tract of a Neanderthal was shorter and wider than a modern person, which showed also that their voices could have been much more higher pitched then ours today. Neanderthals could produce a wide range of different voices just as we could. About 45,000 years ago Europe hit a major climate change, it was sudden random bursts between warm and cold conditions, which really messed with the Neanderthals environment. Neanderthals lived in forests with the weather change the forest began to recede, giving way to open plains; “On these plains,

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