Ancient Inca City Of Machu Picchu

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An ancient stone city hidden away in the massive Andes Mountains. A city that hold countless secrets and endless beauty. This is the ancient Inca city of Machu
Picchu. Machu Picchu is a very popular tourist attraction, but many tourists do not know its true signifigance.This “city in the clouds” is of high importance because it not only is considered an archeological wonder but it is also very important to nature and has much historical and cultural signifigance.
Huge stones make up Machu Picchu, some even weighing 10-15 tons (“The
Stones of Machu Picchu” by Duane Damon). Lifting stones that heavy sounds like a near impossible feat, yet evidence of this great task is shown in the city’s stunning architecture. The architecture is so great because of its complexity. The city was built on a strict plan causing it to be divided into two parts: an upper residential area and a lower agricultural area. These two parts are divided by a huge mysterious square. However, this was not the only division in the town; many very different quarters were discovered at the site, a farming quarter, an industrial quarter, a royal quarter and a religious quarter. The farming quarters are near gigantic terraces with hanging gardens miraculuosly built upon their slopes.
Including the quarters the city is made up of more than 200 different structure. One of these structures, called “La Ciudadela”, which translates to “the citadel”, is one of, if not the most, astounding architectual pieces in the

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