Ancient Mariner Rime

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The Rime of The Ancient Mariner
The ancient mariner and the albatross are common references in our language, and so are lines like "Water, water, everywhere, / Nor any drop to drink" (Taylor,1800). Coleridge's long, classic poem, first published nearly 200 years ago, still holds us with its "glittering eye," its story of the sailor locked in a living nightmare after he shoots an innocent albatross and watches his shipmates die all around him. Like Dore's famous nineteenth-century engravings for the poem, Young's illustrations in this large-size volume capture the mystery, the sense of the tiny ship in a huge space of ocean "Alone, alone, all, all alone, / Alone on a wide, wide sea"(…..). Unlike Dore, Young doesn't make the mistake of giving
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