Ancient Mesopotamian Religion

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The ancient Mesopotamia stories were seen to be closely related with the old testament which is Biblical. The similarities and differences accounted were historical, cultural, social and religion. however, the creation story which is religion narrates the human creation and flood account. The Mesopotamian religion had a polytheistic belief, which means people believed in multiple gods instead of just one God examples are (Anu-Sky god, Enki- God of fresh water, Inanna- God of love, Nanna-God of the moon and the son of Enlil and Ninlil and many other) and these gods competed each other, each city had its own god, at the center of the city a large temple or ziggurat was built to that god, their priest lived and made sacrifices. they believed that…show more content…
However, God came and created everything in the world by the word of mouth saying, “let there be...” and it happened for six days. On the sixth day, he created man in his own image to take care of all other creatures, man was given supreme powers over all the other creatures. On the other hand, the creation story of Mesopotamia was based on the facts of the role of gods in the ancient time. Man was conceived as matter- clay, and then activated of divine blood, In the Mesopotamia story people were created to provide relief for the gods, people were created to do the work the gods had previously been obliged to do and to provide the needs of the gods. More so the differences included the creation story which tells us how the relationship of man with God broke apart due to Satan’s deceit, while Mesopotamia explained that the faith of people to god reduced due to interaction with the irans. The old testament admits God in all creations while for the Mesopotamia, the creation did not explain the origin of the people and others that existed. In the flood account, the duration of flood differs in the mesopotamain, the inhabitants of the boats included pilots, craftmen, while in OT, it was only Noah and his immediate family. The Mesopotamian hero leaves the boat of his own and offers a sacrifice to be accepted by the gods, in contrast Noah stays in the boat until God calls him and presents him a sacrifice of
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