Ancient Modern Lifestyle Of A Woman

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Carlee Matheson
Eng 271
October 9, 2014
Paper 1
Ancient to Modern: Lifestyle of a Woman Modern day women’s values essentially have not changed, yet the opportunities have gotten bigger. The role women play in today’s society has drastically changed with newfound rights, respect, and opportunity than the women in ancient times. Although there are many differences between the women of the ancient world and the woman of today, the similarities become evident in the daily obligations of the average woman. In the Ancient world, women played various roles much like the modern day woman, which includes: responsibilities at home, clothing styles, and obligations in their marriage. Greek women were controlled by men nearly their whole lives leaving them with no political rights of any sort. An important duty women had was to raise the children and to run the household. A rural woman would harvest olives, fruit, and vegetables as a responsibility. Men spent majority of their time away from the home which meant the wife was in charge of raising the children, spinning, weaving and sewing clothes. There were female slaves that cooked, cleaned, and carried water from a fountain on a day to day basis. Time was limited when it came to visiting female neighbors, unless there was a social gathering such as a wedding, funeral, or religious festival. The courtyard of the house is where the women would spend most of their time enjoying a breeze of fresh air (“Daily Life”). Roman women’s main…
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