Ancient Roman And Greek Architecture

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Modern Architecture around the globe had been influenced by ancient Roman and Greek architectural. Although both ancient Romans and Greeks are recognized for their innovations in architecture having both constructed a variety of buildings and structures that can still be appreciated today, they appear to have concentrated mostly on the creation of temples which at first sight seem similar but in reality they each diverged and had their own identity and served for different purposes.
Ancient Greek and Roman temples were both similarly built to carry out religious or spiritual happenings, and for the adoration of their gods who were believed to protect and sustain their own community. Compared to the Romans, the purpose of building the Greeks temples originated with the idea of constructing a sacred precinct as a home for their gods which was represented by a colossal cult image placed in an inner chamber called “naos or cella”. According to historians, the Greek not only worshiped their gods, but they honored them as well by having daily offerings. Greek temples had servants who were in charge of ensuring the needs and care of their deities. Symbolically, their temples were a representation of their philosophy and civilization. Roman temples were somehow similar in that their temples functioned as a sacred precinct to honor the Gods. Likewise, they were represented by statues, however they had a more decorative purpose and were placed in apses instead. Equally important,…
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