Ancient Roman Era And Its Impact On Modern Society

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The saying, “all roads lead to Rome” was at one time true. It is still true (in a symbolic sense) when referring to many modern engineering and infrastructure ideas. Having fresh, running water in your house, a highway system to drive on, and strong, safe buildings all have underlying connections to Ancient Rome. Developing breakthrough engineering techniques, designs, and technologies were vital to the success of Rome. Romans all had a sense of pride in the grandeur and power of their vast empire; which was largely due to their infrastructure and engineering. However, they weren’t the only ones who have benefited from their ideas. Ancient Roman infrastructure and engineering influenced western society: technologically through its invention of concrete, aqueducts, and the arch, and politically and economically through its system of roads. The Romans were expert engineers and architects. Even without the machines and mechanisms we have now, they were able to build amazing structures. One of Rome’s most well-known buildings, the colosseum, is an excellent example. Emperor Vespasian began the project around 70 CE to please the people. Once built it held gladiator games, mock naval battles, executions, and other events to entertain the people. However, the building itself was an engineering marvel. It was built to allow mass amounts of people to enter and exit in record time, with many floors supported by arches. Perhaps most impressive is the system below the surface that…
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