Essay on Ancient Roman Laws

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Ancient Roman Laws

Although the history of Rome's regal period is based in large part on legend, and was so in antiquity, tradition was strong, and many of Rome's laws and customs, committed to writing much later, have their roots in the distant past. Ancient Rome had many different types of law in government. Out of all of the ancient Roman laws, the Julian Marriage laws, the laws of the kings, and the Justinian Codes, are some of them.

The Julian Marriage laws were very specific and determined. Emperor Augustus notice social problems at Rome, and he detected that extravagance and adultery were very common in the Roman Government. In the upper classes, marriages varied; and when people did marry, they didn‘t create children. After
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The laws were enforced by the kings of Rome and the Twelve Tables. These laws were started by Romulus. Romulus forced the citizens to harsh every male child and the first-born of the females, and he forbade them to put any child to death under three years of age, unless it was a cripple or a monster from birth. He also made other laws, like one that which does not let a wife divorce her husband, but gives him power to divorce her for the use of drugs or magic on and for her children. He also made another law which was more severe, and said that if a daughter-in-law strikes her father-in-law, she shall be given as a sacrifice to his ancestors god/s. Numa Pompilius made other laws to add on to the Roman government too. One of the laws he created included a royal law which forbade the burial of a pregnant woman before the child is taken out of from the mothers womb. On the Vestal Virgins he gave high honors, which gave them the right to make a will while their father/s lived and of doing all other righteous acts without a guardian. He also made another law which said that a concubine shall not touch the altar of Juno. If she touches it, she shall sacrifice a lamb to Juno with her hair open and spread out. The twelve tables were very important. Each of them were about : I - A man may bring another man to court, and may have witnesses, II - If someone needs
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