Ancient Rome By Jerry Toner Essay

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Have you ever thought about how everyday lives of ancient romans were? Popular culture in ancient Rome by Jerry Toner gives you an insight of the everyday lives of non-elite romans and problems they would often face. Since the main population consisted of the bourgeois citizens, Toner concentrates his focus on their perspective of life. Toner gives you a vivid representation of the lives of ancient romans by providing a thorough explanation of the middle class lives. Toner touches on a variety of subjects including social life, religious beliefs, and leisure. This book gives you an in depth comprehension of non-elite romans focusing on undisclosed topics of their everyday lives and problems they faced by giving you captivating details of their rational thoughts.
Popular In ancient Rome begins with analyzing the mental health that romans went through. Rome was a society that was exposed to death frequently with the birth rate mortality being at an all time high. “We have seen that high infant mortality meant that perhaps a theirs of children died before reaching their first birthday, and a half before their fifth (Toner, 62).” This managed to take a toll on not only the mothers but also the rest of the family members as the siblings and fathers had to experience these deaths first hand as well. This would begin to affect societies mental state since the exposure of death was so frequent and close. A lot of the roman population began to develop anxiety and trauma leading on

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