Essay on Ancient Rome and United States Morals and Values

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The United States has had an immense decline in morals and values, as well as in public health. Not only that, but it is competing with alarmingly high unemployment, much like ancient Rome was. The United States is defiantly not as stable as it may seem. As a result, it will fall. The decline in moral values in ancient Rome was much like the Unites States today. Crimes made the streets extremely unsafe and gladiator fights were exceedingly popular. This isn’t much different from what we see today. Crime rates in the U.S are continuing to rise, and many people enjoy observing violence, such as gory movies, boxing, and video games that encourage fighting. There were 32,000 prostitutes in Rome, and there are more than 100,000 in the Unites…show more content…
Most died or got sick from the spread of blood from gladiator fights, water disease, or alcohol consumption. Today, alcoholics are more common then they have ever been. People seem to be fond of smoking and drinking even though it contaminates their bodies. Additional factors that contributed to diseases in Ancient Rome were malaria, tuberculosis, and typhoid fever (2). Although these diseases may not be common in the United States, there are many others to take their places. For example, there are many sexually transmitted diseases such as Aids, and HIV. There is also swine flu, which is currently escalating and becoming more of a threat. Much like the United States, in Rome, disease was most common from the streets and from people not taking care or themselves. Today, because people do not keep their bodies healthy, obesity and over eating makes these diseases even more common. As a result, this can lead to another kind of disease called diabetes, which can indeed result in stroke, heart attack, and even death (7). Rome went downhill when unemployment became a hazardous issue. It is assumed with the U.S having the same issue, things will be the same. It all started when Latifundias dislodged farmers out of business. The Latifundias used slaves instead, causing farmers unable to produce cheap since they were actually paying men. Soon enough, farmers had their farms disinherited, or were pushed to sell them. This filled the city with unemployed citizens, which became
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