Ancient Rome 's Influence On The Modern World

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Ancient Rome’s culture has existed throughout the almost 1200- year history of the civilization of Ancient Rome. Ancient Rome adapted most of their culture from their neighbors the Greeks and Etruscans. Ancient Rome culture has been affecting our modern world from colosseums and satre, for entertainment, to the name of Roman gods, for constellations. In Ancient Rome their entertainment included gladiator fighting and Roman Theater. Ancient Rome’s arts were greatly influenced on the art Ancient Greece. Sculpture played an important role on Roman daily life; they would symbol honor, power, and wealth. Homes of the Roman people were often filled with paintings called (frescos) which were directly painted on walls. Most of Ancient Rome’s culture and Arts has affected our modern world and daily life. In Ancient Rome men generally dressed in two garments, the tunic and the toga. The tunic consists of a short woolen undergarment with short sleeves. In contrast, to wear a long tunic with long sleeves was considered feminine and avoided by the society as a whole. The tunic worn by wealthy men was made from white wool or expensive linen, while the poor would wear any fabric they could get. Like the tunic, the toga was worn to signify one’s title. Women would wear a belt around the waist to hold the waist of the garment snug. A woman’s wardrobe was much like a man but with a long tunica. The more common tunic worn by women was similar to the Greek chiton. Married women were required…
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