Ancient Rome's Contribution to Western Civilization Essay

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Ancient Rome has contributed to the development of Western Civilisation. Ancient Rome was a sophisticated country that helped us build up this society that we now live in ? Western Civilisation by lending attributes that have made our world into what it has become. The government of Ancient Rome was (one of) the first to be created. If Romulus had not set down laws and chosen people to govern Rome, we would probably be all living in a very different way now. Also, Ancient Roman architecture has influenced buildings being built today. Lastly, the Ancient Roman language of Latin is the base of most English words. Government is extremely important in a country, because without it, all hell would break loose, and wrong doers would receive…show more content…
Roman architecture has influenced Westerns so much that if you were to take a walk down a street, chances are you would discover a beautiful Roman style building. The reason behind the popularity of this style is probably because of its ?classic?, unique, pretty yet simple design. Common characteristics of Roman designs are bold, defined mouldings, columns, arches and peaks. One or more of these are often used in Western buildings going for a classical look. In the eighteenth century wealthy young men started to travel to Italy on 'The Grand Tour' as part of their education. They discovered the buildings and statues of ancient Rome. When they got back home they paid craftsmen to build new houses based on Roman designs. Roman styles became the height of fashion and soon everyone wanted to join the trend. Roman architecture has obviously influenced the way Westerns build their buildings if it spread so rapidly and was and still is so popular! English is the main language of the Western world. Many English words originated from the Roman language of Latin. Simple English words such as ?architecture?, ?balm?, ?determine? and ?say? have been derived from Latin. Just flip through a dictionary and an endless amount of words have come from Latin. If the Ancient Romans didn?t have and create the language of Latin, we would probably lose half our vocabulary, because of the great role it has played in making the language of English. The
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