Ancient Stories Of Greek Mythology

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For many years, as long as the ancient stories of greek mythology have been around, the sculpture of Minerva has been in debate. Many believe the correct name for this sculpture should stay the same, which is Minerva. Minerva is in reference to the goddess of war, Athena. This could be a possibility with the helmet that lies beneath her foot as well as the crown that sits upon her head. However, I believe the name should be reversed back to Venus. Venus is the goddess of love, which is Aphrodite. Due to the lack of clothing, how the helmet is placed under her foot, and what I interpret from the crown, this sculpture symbolizes the true goddess, Venus.

Beginning from the top of the sculpture, the crown symbolizes much more than a victory in war. The crown symbolizes a winning trophy in accordance to the story, Judgement of Paris. I bring in this tale due to an actual conflict that rises between both Athena and Aphrodite. This conflict was between Athena, Aphrodite, and Hera in order to decide which goddess is the most beautiful in all of Olympus. This decision was made by Hermes in persuasion by Aphrodite, who in turn rewarded him with Helene. Helene later became the cause of the Trojan War. In my opinion, this is a story that supports the purpose of the crown. The crown may symbolize victory, beauty, authority and the ranking of being a goddess. Athena may be the goddess of war with a crown of victory, however Aphrodite was the victor in this case. As well as a crowned
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