Ancient Traditions Of Buddhism And Hinduism

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The ancient traditions of Buddhism and Hinduism go far back in history and are both very revered and followed even up to today. They are similar in many ways but also very different in their worldviews and theology. The world is full of suffering and both Hinduism and Buddhism discuss ways to end that suffering through enlightenment. Buddhists believe in a place called nirvana, where suffering does not exist, and Hindus follow a path to reach liberation, or moksa. They both are a way to escape the suffering found in this world. This paper will discuss both these traditions and their history in detail and will also look at the ways both of these religions reach liberation from the endless cycle of suffering. Buddhism is a non-theistic tradition that started around the 4-6th BCE that is based off the teachings of Siddhartha Gautama Buddha also known as the enlightened one. The Buddha was born in Nepal in the 5th century into lavish lifestyle as a prince. However, as he was walking outside the palace one day he noticed several things. The first was an old man, next a sick man, a corpse, and an aesthetic. This caused the Buddha to realize that life is full of suffering and no matter how one tries to avoid it there will always be disease, sickness, and death in this world. This then made him decide to leave his prince lifestyle and become an ascetic. Eventually he became enlightened under a tree and he went to teach others the way to enlightenment as well. Anyone who…
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