Ancient World Civilizations And Modern Architecture Assignment

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Ancient World Civilizations –Ancient and Modern Architecture Assignment: The Pantheon Porch in Rome and the Wentworth Hall Entrance
Wentworth Institute of Technology was founded by Arioch Wentworth in 1904 by selling his estate after he died on March 12, 1903. The main purpose of Arioch creating this building was to furnish education in the mechanical arts for many young men and train them in various skills to prepare for success in the future. On the other hand, the Pantheon in Rome was introduced originally as a temple dedicated to all the deities of pagan Rome. It was eventually sanctified and made into a Christian church in the later century. When taking a closer look at the Wentworth Hall and comparing it to the Pantheon Porch, some aspects of their designs are pretty much identical to each other. The Wentworth Hall Entrance is built like Pantheon on the front, with eight columns across the front like the Pantheon. This is not a surprise because the history of art and architecture still continues to revolutionize our daily lives, such as when new buildings are built. Buildings, monuments, and even houses have often borrowed ideas from some of the ancient world’s famous landmarks. Without some great ideas of art and architecture from the old time, I believe many objects we currently have now will different or won’t even exist. For the above reasons, it is important to study ancient architecture to understand how and why these buildings were constructed in a certain way.…
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