And Consequences Of Racial Stereotypes In Video Games

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Video games are progressively becoming a crucial medium today, despite the light connotation of its initial categorization. Today they are a business that produces billions of dollars and employs engineers and artists alike in an art form connecting interactive games, to virtual societies where millions of people dwell. However, like all human products, our same emotion, flaws and injustice show in the games, with the impression of hatred, racism and stereotypes that are our everyday background. What are the creators of these video games real intentions in the desire they produce in the human? Schools may teach tolerance and diversity but that’s a goal nearly impossible to reach if our minds are being influenced by the persuasive power of the media, and our minds are being influenced by the types of stereotypical visual media we are exposed to. That is what Burgess Et Al are suggesting to their readers in the article “Playing with Prejudice: The Prevalence and Consequences of Racial Stereotypes in Video Games” (551-557). They begin to influence their audience by demonstrating examples from researchers in this field as well as citing their own work to build credibility. Their argument works well. Each study they share with their audience builds further proof of negative influences. They don’t hesitate to use negative words in the article and although many negative words are used, like: hostility, impulsive, aggressive, criminal, devalued, the words
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