And Differences Between Eastern And Western Cultures

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Cultures all around the world have many things in common such as language, food, religion, and traditions. Culture can be divided into two main categories: collectivist and individualistic. Individualistic cultures promote self realization, self interest, and lack of concern for others. The one event in life that transcends all cultures is marriage. While there is a distinction of love between Eastern and Western cultures, marriage remains a life goal for many. The characteristic of romantic love coincided with individualistic societies, while collectivist cultures emphasize loyalty to family and goals, whereas desires are subordinate to community and family interest. Eastern cultures emphasis on interdependence leads children to naturally allow parental involvement in their marriage, a seemingly stark contrast from their Western counterpart. Marriage is an enduring social institution, but people all around the globe experience and define it differently.
In North America, we often think of the ideal partner, a soulmate, and true love. People choose their spouse based on shared interests, physical attraction, personality, beliefs, and passion. Once a person has chosen their wife or husband, that individuals hopes that it will all work out, based on the sole assumption of love. In contrast, arranged marriages are based on enduring factors of compatibility, such as family morals, religion, and values. It comes to no surprise that arranged marriages have a drastically smaller
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