And Doing Them Well, Huldy Was Met With Disproval.After

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and doing them well, Huldy was met with disproval. After watching Huldy take on the minister’s household many of the women of the parish raised brows to the living arrangement of a single girl and a widowed man, believing and telling her that the relationship would only be appropriate between a married couple. The story came to a resolution with a marriage between the Parson and Huldy. This story further evidenced the plight of women, even a woman who did the tasks deemed acceptable was still met with opposition and questions of propriety (Beecher Stowe 22-32). Some women dared to go against the grain regardless of the way that society would view them, they chose to pursue their own desires, rather than feign propriety. A Church…show more content…
Celia believed that becoming someone’s wife was the only way that she would matter. Celia is an example of a character from the time period who bought in to the belief that a woman’s only opportunity for fulfillment in life was to become a wife. Celia did not see any worth in herself and said “…you might as well be a dog as an old maid (Cooke 94). Celia accepted marriage proposal from Deacon Everts, hoping to procure a position for herself in the world. Shortly after the marriage that Celia believed would make her happy Celia realized that she had made a terrible mistake. Prior to her marriage of convenience Celia was a self-sustainable woman, she had accomplished something most women thought impossible, living and providing for herself. It did not take long for Celia to realize that the grass was not greener on the other side. After four years of marriage Celia became a widow, she did not mourn the loss of her husband, but instead celebrated getting her freedom back. Celia was an independent woman and seemed unsuited for marriage, but because society made her feel worthless without a husband she entered into a union that only brought her turmoil, she may have gained the title of Mrs., but it came at a great cost. This is a representation of many women who found contentment in solidarity, but gave in to societal pressures to marry (Cooke 93-110). How Celia Changed Her Mind served as a cautionary tale to women looking to marry for

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