And Impacts Of Various Religions In Indonesia

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Impacts of Various Religions in Indonesia Indonesia is one of the countries that has the largest Muslim population. More than 60% of Indonesian is Muslim and the rest are other religions such as Christian, Catholic, Buddhist, and Hindu. The various types of religion in Indonesia in small scope gives freedom to people both in their thought and attitudes. In bigger scope, different religions in Indonesia brings some effects in several life aspects, such as the economic system, politics and area of power. There are many different ways of how religion effect the economic system, politics and the area of power in Indonesia. Since Muslim has the largest population in Indonesia, Muslims have more power over other religions. Though they are different, it…show more content…
Indonesia is a country with vary of religions lives one next to each other. The politics in Indonesia got affected by the religion, because Indonesia has the first rank of Muslim population in the world with 222 million people (Muslim Pro, 2016) has its different perspective to run the governmental procedures. Due to that background, the leaders in government in Indonesia were mostly served by the Muslims. For example, the president, vice president and governor of Indonesia are also Muslim. Not only the religion background of the leaders in Indonesia, but also rules that are applied in Indonesia and the power of authority compared to minor religions. Religions are very important in specific countries such as Indonesia. In specific countries, citizens will need a religion to be able to get their identification card. The politics & judicial system affected by Islamic values. Indonesian governments legally have agreed that there are six official religions in Indonesia which are Islam, Christian, Catholicism, Buddhism, Confucianism and Hinduism. Since, Islam is the strongest religion and have the most population, Islam have more power over other
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