And Keep Moving On Grimsley Summary

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In the work, And Keep Moving On, Mark Grimsley presents a study on the Virginia Campaign that is both pleasant in readability and substantial in material. While numerous historians and enthusiast have covered the Civil War, Grimsley’s work offers clear and distinct coverage that assists the reader in identifying the political backdrop to the conflict and a play-by-play report of military tactics. He remains fair to both Grant and Lee as he takes the scholar through Battles such as Spotsylvania, Cold Harbor and The Wilderness. As this is one book in a collection, Great Campaigns of the Civil War, dedicated to the war as a whole, Grimsley’s focus remains set to a short period of six weeks beginning in May of 1864. Grimsley’s main thesis rests in the ultimate dance of the Generals and the overall…show more content…
In the Battle of the Wilderness, he describes, Rebel troops that could produce entrenchments and palisades that were impressive in both scale and build time. In that same skirmish, Grant was described as exasperated by his subordinates who, because of the reputation that followed Lee, were somewhat overly jumpy in their desire to know Lee’s next move. Further, aside from the descriptive analysis of in-war feats and failures, Grimsley also covers the political emotions felt by the American citizenry. Northern reactions fluctuated. When the match at Mule Shoe took place, for example, the tone within accounts bounced from elation to dejection. Southern war responses, according to the volume, “remained upbeat throughout the campaign.” Whether giving account of the war efforts, the political atmosphere of the war, or of civilian reactions, Grimsley paints a picture that generates a sense of coexistence with these national ancestors. His work is thoroughly researched and he provides personal glimpses into the minds and thoughts of those who influenced or were touched by the war through newspaper articles, letters and diary
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