And The Band Played On

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And The Band Played On
By Randy Shilts And the band played on is a true story published in 1987 that illustrates the AIDS epidemic. The AIDS outbreak started in this book around the 1970’s and is still around in today’s society. Randy Shilts wrote this book in order to show the many errors that occurred and killed while trying to find what this virus was and how it was spread. Many people during this time were affected by this virus especially in New York and San-Francisco, which is where most of this story takes place. AIDS which is also known as acquired immune deficiency syndrome is being spread fast after the first known account discovered by the CDC, and is extremely difficult to identify. Shilts discusses the many issues that
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The CDC had no absolute proof yet that the virus was being spread sexually at the time. The bath house owners made a lot of revenue in areas like San-Francisco which made it highly unlikely for them to listen to the CDC about the public health issues that surrounded their business. Many bath house owners cared for only themselves and the money they were making, just like blood banks. The CDC needed definitive proof showing that this is where the majority of the virus was being spread before the executive director of public health would shut them down. Even the public health director was worried about jeopardizing his status if he shut these bath houses without definitive proof that it was being spread there which could take years to prove. Taking more time to prove this would cost many more people their lives. In the book Shilts says, "some said Ronald Reagan would be remembered in history books for one thing beyond all else: He was the man who had let AIDS rage through America, the leader of the government that when challenged to action had placed politics above the health of the American people." It is easy to put the blame on one person for a nationwide epidemic, but in the end it was not just president Ronald Reagan that let the AIDS virus run ramped throughout the nation. Although Regan’s promise of a grant to the CDC never was received, this problem was not just fueled by the president, businesses
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