And There Isn’T A Clear Answer To Which Side Holds The

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and there isn’t a clear answer to which side holds the better ideas. While the research should be very dependable, I don’t always think it is. Often, studies don’t have a big enough sample size and are dictated by the bias in only one geographical area, or even limited to just one classroom. I also think the instructors are also biased by their own views on non-English speakers. I was stunned by the statistic 82.5% of teachers polled in that study (Reeves 2006) thought that English should be made the United States’ official language. If these teachers hold that belief, it directly correlated to their views on how classroom instruction should be structured. They would be more likely to believe that student’s native languages should not be…show more content…
Not all students have the same needs, but do institutions take that into account, or do they try to create a “one size fits all” solution? Of course, research does take on this question in a general way, but do not include generation 1.5 students into their analysis. My community partner engagement took place at Moder Patshala. I’ve really enjoyed the experience, especially since I get to work with the same group of students very week. What I find the most meaningful is the connections I’ve made. On my first day, I was challenged when I worked with a student who spoke very little English. We were doing science, which was heavily reading based, and she was very shy. At first, I had other students translating what I was saying, but I decided that it wasn’t direct enough. So, I pulled out my phone and started using google translate. As we moved through the worksheet, the student became much more responsive and confident in the work. After that first session, I realized how important building trust was with these students. Even though my commitment was once a week, they came to Moder Patshala everyday, and everyday they worked with different people. In order to be an effective resource to them, I needed to get to know them and show them that I’m committed to them and their success. This attitude has made all of the difference in my work. Now, when I walk in on Tuesdays, the same group
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