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Culminating Book Review Anderson Cooper’s: Dispatches from the Edge He is well known for working for CNN and is one of the most influential news reporters and show anchors. Anderson Cooper. He has written a rather tragic and informational book about his traveling and reporting experiences in a part of his life, his book is called Dispatches From The Edge, where he talks about four most important events that have occurred and made him into the person he is now. In each event, he’s with his crew, tying to get a good story and document about later. His cameraman and translator are with him, working around the clock, He begins to talk to us more about his early life, and continues to talk about his experiences in Sri Lanka, Iraq, Niger…show more content…
And when he nearly has started a great career, his own brother committed suicide right before his eyes. For a reason he doesn’t even know. But this was where and when it all started. This was the great impact on Coopers life. Cooper covered hundreds of stories, in the beginning he is in Sri Lanka, the morning after Christmas. He explains why the tsunami has occurred. He cannot nearly describe the feeling and what he sees. He feels like this was a part of him that was almost “craving” to see. After his brother died, he thought seeing death was normal for him. He put himself into those dangerous situations just to see more. I find it, that, the main conflict of this part was the fact that he was searching for a conflict. Once he finally gets his hands on ”breaking news”, he finds himself looking for that story’s, lets say, characters. Staring at a wall of pictures, trying to identify the members. It was after similar events where he did not seem to care about what normal was. But Cooper, however, did not know what that was. Instead the second he found out about the war in Iraq, he was on a plane, not knowing at all where he would go from there. This I felt was the most crucial part in defining the direction his life went to. His need to see blood and bodies was becoming into a conflict itself. He described himself as beastly. He forgot what being normal was. This was rather disturbing, and very negative direction to where his life was heading. This book is almost to
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