Anderson Ethical Issues

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Anderson Ethical Issue There is a problem that has been presented to Board of Directors that poses a danger to overall well being of the organization. The issue is one that could cause temporary as well as permanent damage to the relationship of the department and the community. The corruption is that which is believed to be taking place in the Oakland County Sheriffs department. The concern that Anderson has provided seems substantial and is something I felt the urge to share. Anderson is a hard working taxpayer, so he has an obligation to report misuse of funds, seeing that his hardworking money is potentially misused by the leaders. Anderson was suggested to share a portion of his bonus with the, “Off the Books,” emergency fund, so…show more content…
Anderson has the option to accept what is happening and pretend as though everything is okay. He could be like most individuals today who would say its none of my business, I just work here and collect there check and go home. However, if Anderson does not speak up eventually someone else will speak up, which will make it unfair to others seeing that money has been misused for so long. If Anderson does not decide to speak up, the punishment and the amount of funds misused will only add up, bringing about a harsher punishment for the poor actions of Marshall. If Anderson decides to speak up at this point, it will actually bring about a much lighter punishment to Marshall and help prevent any more misuse of…show more content…
At this present moment Anderson is undecided on which course of action he needs to take. Anderson understands that he has a family and he knows that things could possibly take a turn for the worse, for he could possibly lose his job or be arrested because one could label his as an accessory to a crime he failed to report. The choices he is left with are; 1) seek counsel from the state and local officials, but he fears that they could possibly be apart of the bonus scandal. 2.) If Anderson, finds that to be the truth then he could contact Federal authorities for further assistance concerning this matter. It is an easy task to alert the local officials and they fix the issue with a suspension or by forcing Marshall to resign. However, when Federal officials get involved in an issue there are charges that stem from the situation regardless of the intentions of the individual. The issue when then be exposed to the community and the trust that the community once had for the law enforcement officials could possibly be forever lose, due to the actions of Anderson. It’s a decision that could have an everlasting impact of the organization and the community, while there’s some damage that’s temporary, there’s some damage that’s permanent that could take many years to recover from, if
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