Andover Reflection

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Before Andover, wellness was easily attainable and could be maintained throughout the school year with ease. I tried my hardest in my classes, was involved in extracurricular activities, and most importantly, I could take break if and when I needed it. Similar to other students, academics and activities were a prominent part of my life; however, my health and happiness always took precedent over anything else in my life. But I, like many other students, quickly realized that the importance and value of my health and well-being weren’t deemed as significant upon matriculating to Andover. Now, how I perform in my classes and what I do after school is somehow more important than how am feeling. Given the current and continuing state of stress and infirmity that most Andover students are in, I think Andover needs to place more concern on the health and well-being…show more content…
And even if I went to class, the school would’ve sent me home, declaring that I needed to be resting instead of learning. The notion that rest and time away from school can be helpful is almost non-existent at Andover. Instead, there is an unnecessary and immense expectation that students should continue to strive for academic excellence even while physically unwell; however, that expectation is not creating the life skills of perseverance and tenacity students will need as adults, it’s the start of an unhealthy lifestyle by not giving your body the break it deserves at time. If a student is physically or visibly sick and is still expected to stick to all of their commitments, what kind of message is Andover sending to students struggling with their mental health? Health and wellness should be a right given to all students, not something to select instead of excelling in your classes or impossible to maintain at a strenuous environment like
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