Andra Case Study

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Running Head: Andra Case Study Andra Case Study Name Institute Name Date Andra Competency models are basically present to state the skills and behaviors managers need to have in order for the organization to be successful. (Hughes, Ginnet &Curphy, 2012) It takes more than a status or a post to be an effective leader. An organization's success is attributed to the hard work and the inputs of the leader of the company. IT is not necessary that a competency model be similar in all organization. These models can surely vary amongst the various hierarchies of managers. The leadership of a person is similar to the humanly and physical characteristics of a person. This can easily be exemplified by the fact that Andra was a different person while she was a nurse and she was a different person while she was an entrepreneur. Going in the order of competency, the first skill or competency that would be discussed would be strong listening skills. Throughout the course of the case study, this skill has been emphasized quite a lot. Ciulla (1998) stated that effective leaders do a lot of listening. It was stated that when leaders effectively listen to their employees or to any person for that matter, they ignite the hopes and dreams from the people. Birnbaum (1992) stated that successful leaders look into the visions of others along with their vision. In other words, their vision basically consists of the various interests of others along with their personal aims for the company.
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