Andragogy in the Military

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The military is comprised of adults that must be constantly trained to the highest of proficiencies in combat and non-combat supporting roles. In the military, the personnel responsible for conducting training are noncommissioned officers, which are soldiers between the ranks of corporal and sergeant major. Noncommissioned officers must know their soldiers and be able to train them to the high levels of efficiency required to successfully conduct their missions. Noncommissioned officers must practice and use andragogy regularly to continue training junior soldiers. There are four definitions of the term adult: biological, legal, social, and psychological. The biological definition of an adult is the age in which people can reproduce. The legal definition of an adult is when a person is able to vote, get a driver’s license, marry without consent, etc. The social definition of an adult is the age at which people start performing adult roles in society, such as a full time worker, spouse, parent, or voting citizen. The psychological definition, the most obscure definition, is when a person arrives at a self-concept and become responsible for their life (Knowles, Holton & Swanson, 2012). The ages in which one could be considered an adult is very broad with these definitions; however, every soldier meets at least three of the four definitions. The first…
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