Andre Agassi Family Expectations

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The extract from Andre Agassi’s autobiography Open is about family expectations. When you ex-pect something particular from someone or something you are talking about expectations. Family expectations is, therefore when for example when your father has a certain expectation to you, about the fact that you have to live up to a certain demand from your family.
In the extract from Andre Agassi’s autobiography Open we are aware of how there are some fami-ly expectations in his family. He says: when his father was a child, his mother, Andre Agassi’s grandmother, had expectations to his father about how he should behave and be a good boy. He mentions that she would beat him if he hadn’t behaved properly. He describes his grandmother as a “nasty old
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“Uncle Isar is soft-spoken and patient and funny. He’s also a genius - he was an engineer back in Iran” (page 4, line 202-204). The fact that he makes a comparison to his father when he talks about his Uncle Isar could make the reader like his uncle more than his father and therefore “take his uncle’s side”. However, Andre Agassi and his father plays tennis together and with that common hobby they could probably easier bond, but that isn’t the case because his father is a man full of rage and therefore he yells at Andre Agassi, which make Andre like his father less. His father has a lot of expectations to Andre Agassi and maybe Andre Agassi feels like he can’t live up to his father’s expectations and therefore it makes their bond weaker. When Andre Agassi describes his family he appeals to pathos, because he ap-peals to the reader’s feeling, by the way, he is kind of dramatic and maybe…show more content…
In that way, he uses pathos to appeal to the reader. Because he is describing his family in the way he does, it makes his autobiog-raphy humoristic to read. Andre Agassi appeals a lot to the reader because his way of writing is quite easy to deal with and easy to understand. The sentences in the autobiography are mostly short and therefore, in this case, easier to understand. Andre Agassi is able to tell his story about his life very well in his autobiography, he makes his autobiography personal in which way makes the autobiography exciting and inviting. When he uses examples of a dialogue, which have been going on between his father and him or his father and his grandmother he makes the autobiog-raphy
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