Andre Holguin Essay

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Nicholas Holguin
Professor Jones
English 1A
11 October 2017
A Poet on Acid
Many people believe that their image and prestige is the number one thing they should be worried about. That if they don’t perfect in school and go to a prestigious school that their life won’t amount to anything. Well let me tell you that this is a naive and mislead view of the world and completely untrue because those that have actually made it in this world either stumble into it on accident or because they actually decided to work towards improving themselves before improving their transcripts. Let me tell you the story of Andre Holguin, a 23 year old young man who was bullied as a kid, had a hard time fitting in, and did horrible in highschool yet somehow has
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Holguin said, “There was a list of people we could choose from that my teacher had handed out. At first I wanted to do Robin Hood but my teacher said that there was no historical evidence that he was even an historical person so I settled for Martin Luther King, I have nothing against Martin Luther King but I just thought Robin Hood was more cool, plus Martin Luther King has been so overdone in so many essays. When I brought it back to my teacher Mrs. Andrews commented on it saying ‘I was a poet on acid’”. To Holguin the comment was straightforward, as were many of her comments he says, but it had, “slapped my ego and woke me up that I had to start taking high school seriously” especially since graduation was around the corner and Holguin wanted to go to college himself.
After Holgun had decided to go to college and take high school seriously he started to look towards the future to which he wanted to become a professor of his favorite subjects which were philosophy and theology, but first another goal was ahead of him which he would have to overcome before that. Graduation. In order to do so he would have to make up all the classes in which he previously had failed in. So how did he turn his act around you ask? As any sensible student should do when they’re struggling with school. Go see you counselor! Which he did, and man did that make much of a difference for Holguin’s high school career. “Another person who helped me was my counselor Mrs. Ybanez,” Holguin said,

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