Andrea Jung Case

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1. Describe Andrea Jung’s leadership style. How did her upbringing influence that style? What assumptions about human nature does she hold?

Andrea Jung is the quintessential transformational leader. Jung showcases her transformational leadership style through her charisma, delegation of authority, consideration of subordinates, and her ability to constantly modify the organizational structure of Avon.

Jung’s charisma is seen in the strong passion she has for Avon. This passion was clearly manifested when Jung turned down a CEO position at another company to remain the number two person at Avon. The genuine love that Jung has for Avon and its impact on society serves as a motivational leadership tool. The
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Through her day to day demonstration of self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills, Andrea Jung proves that she is a manager characterized by a high degree of emotional intelligence.

Jung understands that her behaviors affect her workforce’s feelings and beliefs. The productivity of her employees is a direct result of her optimistic demeanor. A prime example of her self-awareness is evident when Jung states, “(i)f people can’t tell that I love this company, then it’s hard for me to be a lasting leader.” This quote serves a symbol of Jung’s ability to understand that her attitude, alone, is a key motivational force for Avon.

Emotionally intelligent leaders are able to remain calm in both the good and bad times. From her time as a Bloomingdale’s management trainee, to her current role as Avon’s CEO, Jung has always been able to control her emotions. The self-regulation that Jung has shown through her ups and downs has encouraged her associates to handle their difficult situations in the same calm and open minded demeanor.

Motivation is synonymous with Andrea Jung. She possesses a passion for Avon and its vision of elevating women in the community. Jung has a track record of constantly looking to improve processes at Avon. Her delegation of authority to Susan Kropt and her proposed correctional action plan are clear illustrations of this fervor. Through her search for feedback from

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